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Innovation & Excellence

“When it comes to cancer care and cardiac care, Bozeman Health has state-of-the-art doctors and state-of-the-art facilities—but our population is growing and our population is aging. We need to stay on top of our game to manage future growth in our community.” - Robyn Erlenbush, Bozeman Health Campaign Co-Chair

The Campaign for a Healthier Community

  • Enhancing
    Critical & Intensive Care

    Building the new intensive care unit (ICU) focused on critical care for our growing population of adults and seniors and Southwest Montana’s first NICU for babies in vital need of specialized care that allows families to stay close to home.

  • Expanding
    Community Outreach

    Serving our communities’ vulnerable neighbors through mission-driven services and patient financial assistance. Additionally, Bozeman Health is expanding the services it offers to those in need of mental health and substance abuse related services in Bozeman, Big Sky and throughout our growing region.

  • Growing
    Big Sky Medical Center

    Helping accelerate the pace at which new specialties and healthcare services become available in Big Sky, in addition to enabling special equipment purchases and provide for emergency simulations and scenario-based training for BSMC employees.

Campaign Progress: Towards Our $15 Million Goal

$13.6 Million in Commitments
3.6M in Qualified Bequests

Campaign Progress: Priority Needs

$1.9M for the ICU
$1.1M for the NICU

Tires On Gravel - Investing in Innovation and Excellence

Funds for Innovation & Excellence

Keeping Pace

For over 100 years, Bozeman Health has met the medical needs of the community by anticipating the future healthcare requirements of the burgeoning population of Southwest Montana. Innovation that is forward-looking, forward-thinking, and forward-investing is a vital part of the Bozeman Health mission because we know:

  • Being able to treat patients, including those with complex medical conditions, close to home results in a better patient experience and helps reduce overall costs.
  • The population boom in Southwest Montana continues to escalate, resulting in more patients with a broad spectrum of medical needs.
  • An influx of retirees and an aging population translates into a greater need for specialized services such as cancer care and cardiac care.

We recognize that being able to provide medical care locally, as opposed to referring our friends and neighbors to healthcare facilities in distant cities, provides a less stressful, less expensive, and more compassionate experience for patients and their families.

To this end, Bozeman Health has recruited top-notch physicians, nurses, and technicians in specialties that were not available locally a decade ago to provide care to patients with complex medical needs. The expansion of our cancer care and the introduction of interventional cardiology have changed the healthcare landscape in southwest Montana.

Innovation is a Continual Process

Bozeman Health has been able to attract top-rated physician specialists and equip them with the advanced technology, specially-trained staff and consultative resources they need to provide state-of-the art patient care. It is absolutely vital that Bozeman Health—and our dedicated physicians and staff—continue to remain on the leading edge of treatments, clinical trials, and technology. As healthcare continues to evolve with unprecedented speed, ongoing innovation is vital as Bozeman Health’s doctors and administrators need to be empowered to grow and adapt in the name of great patient care. To this end, Bozeman Health has established a Fund for Innovation & Excellence that allows us to stay on top of advancements in the fields of oncology and cardiology.

The number of advanced-care treatments provided to cancer and cardiology patients at Bozeman Health continues to increase each year.

Cancer Care Initiatives

As our community’s population grows and ages, we are seeing unprecedented demand for cancer care treatment. Our team of oncologists is dedicated to providing the personal touch our patients have come to expect. Investment in these critical areas will help our talented cancer care providers stay on the cutting edge of innovative, but always personal, care delivery in the following ways:

  • SUPPORT FOR TRAINING, RESEARCH AND EQUIPMENT will allow Bozeman Health oncologists to stay up-to-date with the latest research and advancements in cancer care.
  • ADDITIONAL CARE NAVIGATORS AND SOCIAL WORKERS will act as the point-person for cancer patients and guide them through the often-complicated journey toward treatment and recovery.
  • COMPREHENSIVE LOCAL CARE will allow patients to be surrounded by friends and family during their time of need. Investment in patient housing, an improved healing garden and expanded surgical specialty services are all part of this initiative.

Cardiac Care Initiatives

Examples of several areas where funds for innovation and excellence will give our physicians the tools they need and position our cardiac team to best serve our community in the coming years include:

  • ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY helps cardiologists understand the nature of abnormal heart rhythms that may be caused by scarring of the heart due to aging, high blood pressure or heart attacks.
  • TELEMEDICINE uses telecommunications and information technology to provide clinical healthcare remotely and it presents a way for our physicians to assess world class regional expertise to treat patients in the comfort of their own community.
  • CARDIAC PATIENT CARE FUND will provide for better long-term outcomes for Bozeman Health’s older and more economically challenged cardiac patients by providing access to care and rehabilitation services they may not otherwise be able to afford.


Your investment in emerging treatments and technologies will ensure that Bozeman Health is poised to begin a new century at the forefront of medical progress. We can’t do it without you.

Join the Cause

Bozeman Health cares deeply for our neighbors in this special place we call home.
Please join us as we seek to provide the highest quality care across the communities we proudly serve.
Caring Forward: The Campaign for a Healthier Community.


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