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Intensive Care Unit

“You look through the door of the ICU and you see the clutter and congestion. You see the new ER and just say ‘WOW.’ Open space, privacy, generous room for the equipment that can actually remain in the room. Our ICU patients also deserve this.”
- Bob Braaksma, Campaign Steering Committee Member

The Campaign for a Healthier Community

  • Enhancing
    Critical & Intensive Care

    Building the new intensive care unit (ICU) focused on critical care for our growing population of adults and seniors and Southwest Montana’s first NICU for babies in vital need of specialized care that allows families to stay close to home.

  • Expanding
    Community Outreach

    Serving our communities’ vulnerable neighbors through mission-driven services and patient financial assistance. Additionally, Bozeman Health is expanding the services it offers to those in need of mental health and substance abuse related services in Bozeman, Big Sky and throughout our growing region.

  • Growing
    Big Sky Medical Center

    Helping accelerate the pace at which new specialties and healthcare services become available in Big Sky, in addition to enabling special equipment purchases and provide for emergency simulations and scenario-based training for BSMC employees.

Campaign Progress: Towards Our $15 Million Goal

$13.6 Million in Commitments
3.6M in Qualified Bequests

Campaign Progress: Priority Needs

$1.9M for the ICU
$1.1M for the NICU

Intensive Care Unit

Prepared for the Worst Day of Your Life

Designed and staffed to handle the toughest cases, the intensive care unit (ICU) is a place where every heartbeat is monitored, where tubes are wires connect flesh to machine, where technology assists in moving air and fluids in and out of the body and where family members hold each other close and whisper prayers of hope.

“If you or a loved one comes to the ICU, it could quite literally be the worst day of your life,” critical care physician Dr. Andrew Sullivan said.

Being able to receive critical care locally is vitally important; nothing is more stressful than having a family member life-flighted to a distant city in their time of greatest need. If you find yourself in the ICU at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital, you’ll be taken care of by some of the finest physicians and caregivers in the region. Yet, even the most highly-trained doctors and nurses with cutting edge critical care equipment can be constrained by a factor that plays a vital role in patient care: space.


The current ICU at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital was constructed in 1986. Composed of eight 150-square-foot rooms, the ICU was well suited to meet the needs of the community during that era, but the demands on our ICU have changed:

  • The 150-square-foot rooms are no longer of sufficient size to accommodate modern medical equipment and monitoring equipment, which results in a crowded and cramped critical care environment.
  • The family waiting room space in no longer sufficient given the role family proximity plays in recovery—and the ICU’s patient census.
  • Bozeman Health has added several medical specialties since 1986 that, based upon patient risk and level of intervention, require access to a top-quality ICU.
  • An aging population means that patients are dealing with more complex health issues, many of which can involve visits to the ICU.

Current Intensive Care Unit

Current Emergency Room

An Urgent Need

A new ICU is considered Bozeman Health’s most urgently needed facility improvement. Why?

  • Our community needs a modern ICU with room for our doctors to work, with the most cutting-edge equipment and technology available, and a space that provides patients and their families the privacy and comfort they need during their most difficult moments.
  • The eight-bed facility is often full year-round during all hours of the day and night.
  • Our increasing population means more emergency department visits, more severe trauma cases and heart attacks, advanced surgery and critical care cases. Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital’s ICU has reached its maximum operational capacity, and our ICU must grow to meet demand.

An ICU for Tomorrow

Currently under construction are 20 expanded rooms, monitoring stations, and a large family waiting room. The size of each patient room will double from 150 square feet to 300 square feet to accommodate the next generation of life-saving equipment and the collaborative healthcare delivered by interventionists, specialists and nurses today.

During a time when families are making life and death decisions, it is important to provide them with privacy and space. The new ICU will also reduce the stress levels for the families of critically ill patients by providing them with a well-appointed family waiting room and consultation area.

You can Help Build the Future

Your support for a new ICU at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital will have profound positive impacts for patients and their families during their most difficult time. The ICU is where lives hang in the balance and your donations to this priority will ensure that residents of Southwest Montana receive the best possible care on their worst possible day.

NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit

For a Future Together

The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is where a healthcare facility’s youngest and most fragile patients receive critical care. It’s the place where new moms and dads shed tears of joy, and begin their long and rewarding journey as a family. Yet, while every prospective parent imagines walking blissfully out of the hospital with a healthy baby in their arms, the reality for many families can be quite different. A myriad of medical complications can affect any pregnancy and any newborn— many with life-changing impacts.

With a record number of babies being delivered at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital, it has become essential to provide for the critical care needs of our community’s newest and most fragile members.

“Everyone is in full agreement we need a NICU,” Bozeman Health Family Birth Center Manager Susan Connell said. “The acuity has grown. Every couple of weeks we deliver a baby we have to stabilize and transfer to a higher level of care.”


Today Bozeman Health is without a NICU. Our current Family Birth Center was built more than 25 years ago, when 600 babies were delivered on an annual basis. In 2018, the birth center delivered over 1,100 newborns. But when complications arise during a pregnancy, during childbirth, or following a premature birth, we’re often required to send new parents and their sick babies far from home to receive vital neonatal care. The size of our community, and our expectations regarding quality medical care, are both increasing rapidly, and Bozeman Health must keep pace to advance our mission:

  • Gallatin County’s population has doubled since 1986, including many young couples eager to raise families in our uniquely welcoming community.
  • More births mean an increased number of complicated pregnancies, premature births, and newborns delivered with complex medical needs. Already, twenty percent of all babies delivered at Bozeman Health require some form of special care.
  • The local availability of fertility services has increased multiple births— which, in turn, are more likely to result in premature deliveries.

A Growing Concern

The population of southwest Montana has grown dramatically over the last decade. We must invest in our community’s future. Why?

  • Modern medical equipment and specialized neonatal care services require more physical space than our current Family Birth Center can offer.
  • True Level III NICUs require a specialized pharmacy, respiratory staff, and essential medical equipment that we lack today.
  • With more than 1,100 babies delivered at the Family Birth Center in 2018, our facility is at or above capacity at numerous times throughout the year.

With more and more babies being born at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital the time for a NICU is now. The new facility will meet the healthcare needs of our most fragile patients by providing a venue for complex neonatal evaluation and treatment. For new parents realizing their hopes and dreams upon the birth of a child, there is simply no medical need more important.

For our neighbors facing serious neonatal health care needs, a NICU may be the place they see their baby nursed through the early stages of development. Rest assured, every child will be cared for by a highly trained and professional staff, with all the warmth and compassion that has come to define Bozeman Health.

Tomorrow's Generation Today

With a rising number of births, and subsequent increasing number of neonatal intensive care cases commensurate to our growing population, our community’s need for a NICU could not be more pressing. As more and more families make southwest Montana their home, the need for specialized neonatal care will only increase.

Your generous support of this vital priority will help our community take the next step in caring for tomorrow’s generation, today.

Join the Cause

Bozeman Health cares deeply for our neighbors in this special place we call home.
Please join us as we seek to provide the highest quality care across the communities we proudly serve.
Caring Forward: The Campaign for a Healthier Community.


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