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Community Outreach

“This is the funding opportunity most closely aligned with Bozeman Health’s mission statement; to improve community health and quality of life. Breaking down barriers to healthcare access and ensuring that a major medical bill doesn’t devastate struggling families is a cause we should all rally behind.”
- Terry Cunningham, Volunteer & Donor

The Campaign for a Healthier Community

  • Enhancing
    Critical & Intensive Care

    Building the new intensive care unit (ICU) focused on critical care for our growing population of adults and seniors and Southwest Montana’s first NICU for babies in vital need of specialized care that allows families to stay close to home.

  • Expanding
    Community Outreach

    Serving our communities’ vulnerable neighbors through mission-driven services and patient financial assistance. Additionally, Bozeman Health is expanding the services it offers to those in need of mental health and substance abuse related services in Bozeman, Big Sky and throughout our growing region.

  • Growing
    Big Sky Medical Center

    Helping accelerate the pace at which new specialties and healthcare services become available in Big Sky, in addition to enabling special equipment purchases and provide for emergency simulations and scenario-based training for BSMC employees.

Campaign Progress: Towards Our $15 Million Goal

$13.6 Million in Commitments
3.6M in Qualified Bequests

Campaign Progress: Priority Needs

$1.9M for the ICU
$1.1M for the NICU

Community Outreach

Caring for our community

The secret about the unparalleled quality of life we enjoy in southwest Montana is out—and people are moving to the region in record numbers. This population growth translates to an increase in every kind of medical need one can imagine, and Bozeman Health has expanded to meet those needs. But there are those in our community who find challenges in accessing the most basic medical care for themselves and their loved ones.

  • One out of every five Bozeman residents lives below the poverty level.
  • Many in our community put off routine health screenings because they fear the financial implications those exams could reveal.
  • When medical issues become too grave to ignore, patients are often unable to pay for their necessary healthcare.

These neighbors deserve the same level of access to health screenings, diagnostic tests, behavioral health and mental health services, and expert medical treatment the rest of the community enjoys. Bozeman Health realizes that it can’t truly accomplish its mission – to improve community health and quality of life – unless it endeavors to do so for every member of our community. This isn’t a mission to help just some, but to help all. That’s why Bozeman Health never turns away those who are in need of healthcare but can’t afford it.

Breaking Down Barriers

Recognizing that our community’s most vulnerable members often put off routine medical and behavioral health visits and screenings, Bozeman Health has taken concrete actions to address this issue. We implemented programs that eliminate barriers to accessing the best care available in the community, including:

  • HEALTHCARE CONNECTIONS MOBILE OUTREACH: Our Mobile Outreach Vehicle makes stops throughout our service area over three times a month, offering screenings for breast and colon cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity among other conditions. To ensure that we’re providing convenient access on a geographic and socioeconomic basis, we visit schools, food banks, shopping malls and other high-volume retail locations.
  • COMMUNITY HEALTH FAIRS: More than 700 of our neighbors take advantage of noappointment necessary health fairs that include no-cost screenings such as blood pressure, bone density, glucose, body mass index, asthma, skin cancer, hearing, vision, and EKG monitoring. Professionals from Bozeman Health are available to answer questions and schedule follow-up visits, if necessary.
  • ELEVATING BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Together with 11 vital community partners, Bozeman Health has led a community-wide effort to improve and increase mental health and substance abuse challenges facing our communities. Out of this effort, we have begun to integrate behavioral health screenings and consultations into the primary care setting. We have also improved coordinated response to mental health crises and begun important work to reduce stigma a significant barrier to seeking care.

When we offer these opportunities, we reach our neighbors who might not otherwise receive such services. Sometimes, it’s a person who has not prioritized getting screened or immunized, but when it’s made available, they take advantage of the opportunity. Other times it might be someone who doesn’t have transportation or lives in a remote location where it’s not easy to access a healthcare facility.

Everything is Connected

Our community outreach efforts involve a secondary cost to the organization—a cost above that of outreach personnel, laboratory tests, and mobile medical equipment. Bringing healthcare resources to the most vulnerable members of our community means we’re likely to reach those who don’t have insurance coverage or can’t afford the diagnostic tests and treatments prescribed as a result of screenings.

A byproduct of running a successful outreach program is that Bozeman Health experiences an influx of patients who may need financial assistance to receive the medically necessary, often life-saving care they need. When a free mammogram screening yields a suspicious image, the patient needs to be able to focus exclusively on their journey toward diagnosis, treatment, and healing. The medical bill for treatment shouldn’t be another source of stress for the patient or their family.

Bozeman Health’s mission is to improve community health and quality of life. We believe that means providing high-quality healthcare for every member of our community, regardless of their ability to pay. Uncompensated patient care has grown significantly since 2010, and funds for patient financial assistance will continue to provide needed services for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Taking Care of Our Own

Bozeman Health has created the Community Outreach and Access Fund to provide for:

  • Improved access to care by strengthening our outreach programs:
    • HEALTHCARE CONNECTIONS OUTREACH VEHICLE: Doubling the number of outreach trips made by our mobile outreach vehicle.
    • EXPANDED HEALTH FAIRS Increasing the scope and frequency of Health Fairs which offer no-cost or low-cost services.
  • Additional assistance for our most vulnerable neighbors:
    • PATIENT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Enabling growth in this program allows Bozeman Health to help reduce or eliminate costs for more patients facing financial hardship while remaining sustainable.
    • “GOOD SAM” FUNDS: Sometimes, the difference between someone receiving critical treatment is to cost of a cab ride or an overnight stay. This fund helps remove these small, but significant hurdles.
    • EXPANDED BEAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES: Improving access to care, enhancing crisis response systems, providing targeted support to pediatric and adolescent patients and reducing stigma are all significant community needs and major priorities for Bozeman Health.
  • Other critical programs, including telemedicine outreach, the Bozeman Health Mammogram Project and expanding partnerships with other safety net providers such as CHP and Gallatin Mental Health Center.

HealthCare For All of Us

We believe that neighbors helping neighbors is an integral part of our community’s culture. Your generous donation to help fund Bozeman Health’s Community Outreach and Access initiative will have an immediate and tangible impact on our community’s most vulnerable members.

Join the Cause

Bozeman Health cares deeply for our neighbors in this special place we call home.
Please join us as we seek to provide the highest quality care across the communities we proudly serve.
Caring Forward: The Campaign for a Healthier Community.


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