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Big Sky Medical Center

Since opening to the public in December 2015, Big Sky Medical Center has seen a steady number of patient visits from Big Sky and surrounding communities. Our clinic now serves an average of 23 patients per day, and hospital services range from MRI and radiology to emergency room procedures. “There is a growing need for healthcare for a growing number of people in this community,” Big Sky resident Robin Stephenson said.

The Campaign for a Healthier Community

  • Enhancing
    Critical & Intensive Care

    Building the new intensive care unit (ICU) focused on critical care for our growing population of adults and seniors and Southwest Montana’s first NICU for babies in vital need of specialized care that allows families to stay close to home.

  • Expanding
    Community Outreach

    Serving our communities’ vulnerable neighbors through mission-driven services and patient financial assistance.

  • Growing
    Big Sky Medical Center

    Helping accelerate the pace at which new specialties and healthcare services become available in Big Sky, in addition to enabling special equipment purchases and provide for emergency simulations and scenario-based training for BSMC employees.

Campaign Progress: Towards Our $15 Million Goal

$14.4 Million Raised



Bozeman Health and the Big Sky community have been in partnership for over a decade. Bozeman Health had the foresight to anticipate the eventual need for a 24/7 medical center, so in 2007, it purchased land for a future hospital site in Town Center.

In December, 2015 that partnership produced Big Sky Medical Center, the first truly new hospital constructed in Montana in decades. The $27-million investment by Bozeman Health in the Big Sky community is considered a turning point for residents of southern Gallatin County. Big Sky Medical Center features:

  • A well-appointed 51,625 square-foot facility.
  • A 24-hour emergency department.
  • Four in-patient beds with room to expand to eight beds in the future.
  • A primary care clinic staffed with caring professionals.
  • A pharmacy, laboratory and imaging center, including MRI machine.


The opening of Big Sky Medical Center is already paying dividends for the rapidly growing communities of southern Gallatin County:

  • Trauma patients no longer have to endure an hour-long ambulance ride for evaluation and imaging.
  • Big Sky first responders are able to spend more time in the community rather than shuttling patients for emergency care.
  • Part-time residents are now more comfortable in deciding to make Big Sky their permanent home.
  • Big Sky families can now have the majority of their health care needs—from routine check-ups and laboratory work, to picking up prescriptions and emergency care—met in one location.


Bozeman Health knows that the Big Sky Medical Center represents not an end, but the beginning of a journey to top-notch healthcare for Big Sky and surrounding communities. The convergence of a rapidly growing population base, increased tourist visits and the speed of innovation in the healthcare field necessitates constant investment for the benefit of the community.

As healthcare continues to evolve with unprecedented speed, ongoing innovation is vital and Big Sky Medical Center’s doctors and administrators need to be empowered to grow and adapt in the name of great patient care. To address this need, the Big Sky Medical Center Fund for Excellence and Innovation has been established. This donor-supported fund will help in the following areas:

  • CARDIAC STRESS TESTING AND ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY. Exercise stress testing helps screen for coronary disease and evaluate chest pain. Echocardiography offers local follow up and facilitates the assessment of cardiac disease.
  • ENHANCING COLONOSCOPY AND EGD ACCESS, RESOURCES AND PRACTICES. Investing in advanced equipment and specialized training for Big Sky Medical Center staff enables high quality access to endoscopy services to the Big Sky patient community.
  • CONTINUAL STAFF DEVELOPMENT AND PROFESSIONAL TRAINING. As patient volume and complexity grows, front-line caregivers must remain at the forefront of their disciplines. Investments in training programs such as Simulation & Scenario training led by third-party experts and ATLAS (Advanced Trauma and Life Support) training will ensure that southern Gallatin County residents receive top-quality care well into the future.
  • TELEMEDICINE. With the advent of high-speed data transmission expanding the reach of our of services beyond the bricks and mortar of Bozeman Health is now a reality. Telemedicine offers a way for patients to communicate with our doctors and staff in real-time to help diagnose and treat illness miles from our facilities. Telemedicine also offers a discrete way for patients that may have suffered a stroke or are battling mental illness to receive treatment without the need for in-person visits. Bridging that divide is increasingly important in a vast state like Montana where patients may be miles from quality care.

The Fund for Excellence & Innovation will allow Big Sky Medical Center to acquire new leading-edge equipment, to have staff members trained in new techniques, and to more quickly provide new kinds of treatments to patients that might not otherwise be available in Big Sky.


Providing a top-quality healthcare facility for the many families and visitors that live, work, and recreate in Big Sky is just the first step in the process. In order to meet future needs, expand the scope of services available locally and ensure that highly-trained personnel can serve Big Sky’s medical needs into the next several decades, philanthropy will play an essential role.

Donating to Big Sky Medical Center’s Fund for Excellence and Innovation is an investment in the future of Big Sky. The Big Sky spirit is about being forward-looking, forward-thinking and forward-investing. We invite you to catch the spirit and discuss this initiative with us in greater detail.

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Caring Forward: The Campaign for a Healthier Community.


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